Wednesday, April 19, 2006

If You Want Money, It's Gonna Cost You

Our friend Susan wrote to update us that, unlike so many situations, BOA made nice with her (likely, she stated, because she had enough money in the account to make it worth their while). That being said, she's still leaving them. Especially when she keeps hearing stories like this:

"I have a friend that signed up for an account with them after moving and receiving the $50 promo offer. He never received the $50 (which was supposed to have been automatically drafted into the account), and now BOA is saying that he owes them money because he bounced a check, thinking that the $50 would be credited to his account in whatever timeframe had been specified in the offer."

Thanks Susan. Basically they can't be trusted, no matter what the bait. It's like one of those deep-sea fish that lure others in with that little light on their head.

Crooks Suck At Fighting Crime

Thanks to Chris for sharing what happens when the ever-efficient authorities at BOA have to deal with something as serious as fraud (someone else's, not theirs)...

My story with Bank of America starts with me being out of the country on business for three and a half weeks, returning to find someone using my checking account. I called and filed the claims, they told me the money would be put back in my account in two business days. Well here I am seven days later with still not a dime in my account.

I called and talked to, I think, every department they have, along with every "supervisor". They kept telling me there is nothing they can do for another ten days, and I had to keep explaining to them that the money in my checking and savings is the only money I have. I was speaking very professionally to them until I had finally had enough of them lying to me, and I went off. The "supervisor" started yelling back at me, and then transferred me to some other "department" without a working phone number.

I absolutely hate calling them because, like you said, everyone there tells you something different, just to get you off the phone. ... Now they put some huge hold on my account so it's not like I can even go put money in and use my check card (I hate carrying cash). They don't seem to care what people think. I have spent 6 hours in one week on the phone with them, on my cell phone, and still I have gotten no where. Do you have any suggestions? I am right behind you on hating Bank of America, and I will do everything in my power to make sure my family and friends don't do business with them either.

My only suggestion is what is what I always say: get out ASAP. If this continues on, contact your local consumer advocate or better business bureau. In the meantime, really, open a new account at another bank and start getting ready to cut ties. Just make sure to document everything in the process.

Good luck Chris, sorry you've been caught up with the underbelly of society - on two levels, no doubt.