Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Overdraft Warning

I'll be honest, I'm not entirely sure the details of what James is talking about here, but for all y'all who've been ripped off by it, I'm sure you know. Basically, don't deal with BOA, but whatever you choose, watch out how your overdraft situation works...

Bank of America is now the worst bank on the face of this planet. ... Find any bank that does not have a deal going on with with some credit card company. If they do, tell them to remove the overdraft protection from your debit card and MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE YOUR CARD IS SELF LIMITING! You will be forced to use your card at either ATM machines and/or any location that requires you to punch in your PIN number. However, Bank of America has changed their electronic debit banking system by allowing overdrafts even if you don't have a credit card logo on your debit card and you don't pay for any thing with personal checks.

This change [occurred] within the last few months of 2005 and is active now. Get out while you still can! I'm ashamed to admit I have been with B of A for some 30 years only to see a steady decline in customer service and a stick it to you mentality. ... Here are two better choices WASHINGTON MUTUAL & ALTURA CREDIT UNION BANK. I'm sure there are a host of others.

Thanks for the warning, James! (Even though it took me like a year to get the good word out.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My point exactly, you should have a choice to have that overdraft protection or not, NBC nightly news contacted me to do a story soon about Bank of America, if you can spread the word I will try to forward to the reporter your horror stories on overdraft. My site is www.apluswny.com, just leave me feedback.

Thu Aug 20, 06:18:00 PM PDT  
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