Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Anyone Wanna Sue?

Apparently, students are easy prey. This may sounds like a CitiBank ad, but it seems like BOA ran the gamut on Younghoon...

Here's 5 years of my history with BOA

When I opened account, they suggested making a credit card that they guaranteed that I would get one. Well. They accepted me with $50 annual fee b/c I am a student. I accepted the deal b/c I didn't wanna ruined my credit history. Well, a year later, they charged me another $50. It's annual fee with $500 maximum. Okay fine. I closed that credit card account.

Then I transferred school and moved to another state, and opened another account there. Again, guaranteed credit card suggested by a teller b/c I am attending prestigious school that BOA has affiliation. My application got rejected.

I made $350 as a beginning balance. They made mistake transaction and posted the deposit $100 less. It is still shown $250. I complained many times and BOA said they couldn't do anything b/c there is no evidence.

Refer a friend and get $25 each. I referred a friend. Then they said it will be posted on your account after 3 months. Neither of us has received $25.

Now I just deposited $7000 from my Citibank account to BOA using my Citi personal check. I checked that $7000 was pulled out from my Citi bank account and posted on BOA account. I started to do online bill pay. They charged me 60 dollars overdraft fees and said the check won't get cleared till next 11 business days. $7000 is gone from my Citi account, but not on BOA account. Where’s my money?

In contrast, I opened Citi account 5 years ago and I opened BOA in the same year b/c I just needed more ATM. 5 years later, from Citi bank I am having two credit cards and getting 3% APR $8000 financing. Every time I call Citi customer service, they say, "since you are such a dedicated customer to us, we will ..." Every time I called BOA, which I had to wait for at least 5 mins every time(now it got better but I don't appreciate), they always treat me with 'what's the matter with you stupid college student? It’s your fault' attitude. Change to Citi. F*** BOA

One more important thing, whenever I make deposit in Citi bank, the deposit is available right away no matter how much the amount is. In Bank of America, it takes two to eleven days for the same kind of transaction. I called their customer service. They said it takes that long b/c it's the federal regulation. Then, Citi bank is doing illegal transaction? I think we need to sue Bank of America in any way.

Thanks for sharing your story, Younghoon. If I could join ANY class-action lawsuit against them, I would in a heartbeat.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

YES!!! I WANT TO!! I have to run to an interview..I will add to this blog later. (and add to others as well)...but long story short (for now)..I'm a Social Worker, lost my job, was told by an "associate" that I have overdraft protection and how it works. I don't, I got overdraft fees of $140 and all to buy gifts for Foster Children. I told the Sup that like ALL big Businesses BOA will go down as they steal from the middle income and the poor and make the rich richer...HOW DO THEY LIVE WITH THEMSELVES???

Fri Dec 21, 07:02:00 AM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been having overdraft problems for months now. I put a deposit into the account and if a check hits that day, the bank bounces it regardless. I also signed up for overdraft protection and they have started charging for that as well. Everytime I turn around, I am being charged for something else. They are ripoff artists that need to be brought down a few pegs. I am in if there is a class action suit. They are crooks.

Tue Jun 17, 03:50:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Karen said...

I would be very interested if anyone is considering filing a class action, I think there would be a very winnable case. I have been having problems with overdraft for years. For example just yesterday.. I looked online, saw that I had -33 in my account. IMMEDIATELY transferred 50.00 from my savings and also deposited additional funds to ensure I was positive for the next couple days until paycheck goes in. I looked online this morning and to my surprise had gotten dinged with FIVE overdraft charges. Understand, all of the charges that are currently showing were there yesterday included in the -33. NO CLUE HOW THEY CAN DO THIS !!!

Wed Oct 08, 04:09:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's get started with this lawsuit. I have gone through everything thst you all have gone through. My e-mail is jodyszykowny@yahoo.com. Thank you.

Tue Dec 16, 02:46:00 PM PST  
Blogger The_Annoited_Christian said...

me to if it isnt to late I can be reached at gpitts85@gmail.com

Wed Apr 14, 06:11:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was getting disability checks for about $3000.00/mo and for 3 months in a row they went in that same day well I was expecting that again on the 4th month, and lo and behold they put a hold on it but it was too late to get it back because it went through the ATM w/o telling me there would be a 5 day hold. I had checks going through that day I deposited the check so because it was suppose to go through and bank of america decided to put a hold on my check five things bounced and I was responsible for the fees. Even after showing the manager the proof that my other checks cleared she just said "we have a right to hold your check 2-11 days." What kind of bulls*** is that? I definitely switched banks now.

Tue Aug 09, 09:38:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BOA is as crooked as they come. Years ago we had our mortgage with them and I would send payments in and they would sit on the payment in order to charge a late fee also. This went on for months. I finally started sending over night express and making them sign but that didn't stop them either. One night I received a call from their collection dept and was told once again I was late. When I told them I had been sending overnight express and I had the signed receipt I was told it did not matter when they received the payment what mattered was when they decided to process the pmt and they could foreclose on me immediately. Of course I raised 3 shades of hell and told then I wasn't 18 years old and if they tried they would be hearing from my lawyer. We refinanced with Country Wide and never had another problem with them but when Countrywide had trouble our mortgage ended back in the hands of BOA and the trouble started over again. I'm sure everyone knows how the state of Alabama was hit by several tornados this year and that is where I live. A tree came through our roof and through the ceiling at 12:30 pm. Damages were in excess of 20,000.00. Our ins. Co. wrote a check on the spot but because it was in excess of 10,000 it was made out to both myself, my husband and that *#%%}+*^*}~|\}%|#+<~# bank. The check was not deposited by BOA for 7days and then they did not issue the first disbursement until 3 weeks later. Since I work for a federal govt. agency I knew exactly what to do. I informed my Ins. Co, and requested that they document and then I contacted the governor, my congressman, the Better Business Bureau and finally the Attorney General's Office who forwarded my complaint to the proper agency for investigation. BOA has 30 days to respond and I was told by the Investigating Agency that if I was not satisfied with their response to let them know and further action would be taken. I also told BOA that I intended to make them as miserable as they have made me. Every few days I would request a BOA inspector come out to monitor the progress. When he would arrive and ask what we had completed I would tell him I had picked up two tree limbs or a piece of metal, paper, a dead rat, a shingle or whatever suited my fancy. It cost BOA each time he came out and BOA and the inspector were mad as hell. Don't give up. If you have problems contact your Attorney and resided an investigation. If it is an insurance issue contact your Insurance Commissioner. It pisses off BOA, the CEOs have to hustle to gather records and the can't go on cruises, party, golf, etc. Please believe me I have had tremendous results. I apologize for the long comment (i could go on and on). I have done other totally legal things to smoke their butts so if anyone wants additional ideas let me know through this forum

Sat Aug 27, 01:41:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous S. Valentino said...

This is the worst bank ever!! I told them I did not want overdraft and not to pay anything not covered. So what did they do?? They paid an unauthorized payment which tured kmy account upside down almost $300 and then to add insult to injury they charged me an extra $35 nsf charge. When I called about it they told me they did me a fair by making the payment. What kind of favor cleans out your balance and puts you almost $300 negative???

The bank also returned bill payments that should have been covered by what I had in my account. This caused charges from the bills I was trying to pay for returned checks.

They definitely need another lawsuit against them for unfair business practices. Count me in on that one. Svalentino@yahoo.com

Fri Dec 30, 05:45:00 PM PST  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has anyone on here had money in their account then all of a sudden money missing and now always negative. BOA covers themselves as if you had transaction processing. But, the process was not there all week or day before. The processing transaction was already completed a week ago. Or has anyone seen thousands of dollars in their account and don't know where it came from then disappear and the BOA says they don't see any transaction coming through and taking out of your account. BOA is fraud they steal your money, make you negative, exchanges numbers and dates around to cover themselves and no one wants to do any investigation. Something fishy with them and I honestly don't like it. I have been with BOA for over 5 years too many problems and issues. If there is a class action suit regarding BOA is fraud I am willing to apply. I want all my money back and refunds from all these fees being charge. I even screenshot proof and no one wants to acknowledge it nor take any action and just ignores it as if the bank is right. I need help does anyone knows someone. please.

Thank You,

Wed Jan 20, 09:49:00 AM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After reading everyone post I am down for Class action suit. Where do I go.

my e-mail is kikshana1234@gmail.com

Wed Jan 20, 09:53:00 AM PST  
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