Wednesday, March 30, 2005

My Story

So, here's what happened to me:

I returned to my home state of Georgia from living in California, where I held my Bank Of America account for two years. For some reason, California accounts in Bank of America (CA's still part of this country, right?) aren't linked to the systems here - a common problem for them, it seems (linking things via computer).

Because of the inconvenience, I closed my CA account and re-activated a dormant account here with another bank. Got a letter in the mail (note: at my new address; this will be important later) that the account was closed and all was well. Until almost a year later when I got a call from a collection agency saying I owed them $300 or so from a delinquent fee from BOA.

Long story short, after being passed around 1-800 numbers for an afternoon like a toothless male model in prison, they finally found the fee: it was on a BOA credit card, which was extra weird because I never had one. "Oh wait," a person several MORE 800 numbers later remarked, "This is an overdraft account".

As it turns out, they'd been sending notices to an address that had since been changed (with BOA) twice over. I contacted my home bank as well as every 800 number I could find... no sympathy. So, because I believe in the path of least resistance (and am lazy and also one day wish to be a homeowner), I paid it. There went my leverage. But I couldn't stand being harassed every other week while additional fees piled up.

Then, today, months later as I'm just clearing the $600 charge from my credit card (I'm not a rich man), having still not received a requested "all is well, account is closed" letter from them after multiple requests, I talked to my now-local branch manager who kindly said, "Well, that's a lesson, I guess, because maybe we could have done something if you'd have come and talked to me first." He was nice, but lessons don't mean dick when you're out $400 (that's the $600, minus the original $200 which they actually deposited into my account right when I was closing it).

So, I made this blog. For other people to pool our collective anger. Or, if no one writes me, to at least provide a buncha links to all the other complaints out there (there are a lot). Hope it helps. Maybe together we can give them one of these:


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thu Aug 04, 11:38:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous F. Williams said...

Bank Of America Are thieves and they live off of getting fees from you. I am going through a situation where now I am being charges four overdraft fees for only one transaction that was overdrawn. This sneaky instution holds all of my transactions for over 5 days and then when they do clear them they clear them not in the order that they are made but they are cleared from the highest to the lowest. Well it just so happeneds that my last ATM withdrawl with drew me by 30.18. I understand and take all responsbility for that but when they change the order of how they post them instead of me getting overdrawn for 1 fee i am getting overdrawn 4 times because four smaller transactions that wever done 5 days before the ATM withdrawl. I hope that damn bank burns in hell.

Wed Aug 10, 09:53:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

READ YOUR DISCLOSURES!!!!! How hard is that. It is in Plain and simple English.

Sat Oct 07, 06:42:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I contacted BOA customer 'SATISFACTION' on (888)457-2543 and spoke with several so called 'specialists(!)' account managers regarding my loan. I had some questions regarding my statement values and APR calculations for my bill which shows total rate applied for the perticular billing period (30 days first period) is 47%(including transaction fees etc. ) but my total payment seems to be having been applied a rate of 49 %. I wanted to talk to one of these so called specialist account managers to explain it to me so if I am doing some wrong calculation I would know.
But the first guy I spoke to told me that I need to downloaded a rate calculater from somewhere on internet and do the calculation again instead of explaining it to me which rate was applied and how the numbers were generated. Interestingly first he said to know exactly how its calculated I need to have access to one of their rate calculator systems!! (Damn I know how to do multiplication/division !!)Which made me feel he didn't know how it was calculated or else wasn't interested in explaining to me. So I had to say that I will find out my self forcefully and hung up on him.

I called again and spoke to another guy named Charles and he put me on hold with some music saying his system is slow and it will take a while for him to pull my account (that is really ridiculous cause if I can open my account on my comp in less than 30 seconds customer support shouldn't take more than that or atleast more than a minute to open my account after varifying my ssn, address, zip, name and all!!

This is a bad customer service and I am far from being satisfied.
Please stop calling them customer satisfaction service or specialist if they are not!!! This makes me rethink if I want to deal with this by taking any loan again!!

Sat Jul 14, 04:31:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Sharon Brooms said...

I am a African-American homeless student who is currently suffering from abdominal cramps and a severe respiratory infection. I am trying to hold onto my motel room which I no longer pay taxes on because I wisely invested school monies that are allocated for room and board as well as educational pursuits toward my motel stay. It is now imperative that I maintain the room because under these circumstances I need bed rest. In July of 2006 I obtained school monies and went to my bank BOA and requested to open a savings account for their standard $25.00. The bank teller informed me of their new promotion called keep the change. The put it succintly when I had spent $250.00 with my bank card I would be reimbursed within 14 months up to half of that amount. The bank manager went on to inform me that the date for that payment would take place on October 25, 2007. However, when October came and I requested my monies I was told that date had been moved up to March of 2008 after that April of 2008 but I would only receive 21.00 max. I recently contacted a banking official who reduced that amount to 4.21 and today after reminding this banking offical of my plight and my health problems I was told I would not be reimbursed more that 5.00 which the bank had already started charging me a fee for inspite of the fact that I am supposed to have student checking. so My five dollars was quickly reduced to the grand total of 3.53 As an international relations major of Political Science due to my political beliefs and differences with racist cops I believe 125.00 was given to Foster care child support. The racket run by the government to seize the children of African-American dissidents and place them into foster care so they can stick the biological parent(former custodial parent) with a hefty child support fine and also collect subsidies on the child's placement.

Fri Apr 25, 12:36:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a very frustrating conversation with one of your customer service rep name Kayode or OluKayode from consumer Lending (Tel 1800-892-8349) on June 29th 2009. I had called the department to accept an initial offer from another credit analysis to merge my 2 accounts (Visa card & Gold option Loan). Instead he decides to :
5) Puts me on hold for 10 minutes and pulls my credit report without my approval.
6) He mentions that "because my credit report looks satisfactory, he has decided to close one account”. I asked him 3 times, if he was sure what he was talking & he repeated the same thing.
7) Upon my reasoning, he started asking me about my employment & salary, which I did provide him. However he still decides to close my account.
8) Closes both the accounts rather than one account.

He seemed sleepy on the Monday morning or maybe drunk/high, not helpful at all, & the worst customer service representative ever.

I would like to know, after many of good relationship with your bank, on what basis you decide to pull my credit report & ask me about my employment on an existing account. I am upset that after so many years of valued relationship with a bank, I just lost all of it in one shot. However, I am more happy that your bank lost a very valuable customer.

I would like an:
4) Explanation on why I was treated like this after providing all the information that was asked
5) Explanation on why would you ask employment info on an existing open & good standing account?
6) Apology letter from Kayode or OluKayode as soon as possible.

Thu Jul 02, 07:28:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every single time I go deposit a payroll check weather is inside the branch or at an ATM my check has a hold, sometimes the hold is for 3 days other times the hold is for 5 days leaving me with no funds at all. The bank now got smart and allows people to withdraw funds it does say the account will go temporarily negative however it says nothing about any possible fees being assessed. So basically I have no money pay a good amount of $ 35 fees, and the call center people are useless because they always say the same thing “it’s your fault” they have no care in the world for what happens to others. They place the banks interest ahead of all else, they interrupt all the time, cut you off and don’t apologize as if they are above or superior than the rest.

I have asked why after 8 years of banking with them they do that. The woman's reply was “we have to make sure the funds are available” I asked have you ever seen a payroll check come back returned on my account she had nothing else to say. I pleaded with the woman for about 10 minutes and she continued to go back to the same thing “you should know the funds were not available when you decided to take the money out” Imagine what poor customer service they have.

Wed Jul 22, 11:12:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've had constant problems with BofA.

I call and complain and they return part of what they purloin.

I filed a complaint with the better business bureau and The Office of the Comptroller of Currency. below are their web sites where you file a complaint electronically. I also found this organization and filed a complaint with my congressman.

everyone here should do the same.

Mon Sep 14, 12:57:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a checking and savings account at B of A, in Mira Mesa, California, for 10 years untill I moved to Montana where there are no local branchs. I closed my account in August 2007, reconciled the amount they said I owed them in my final statement in Sept. 2007. This amount was $4.34 which I sent them immediatly.

Now in October of 2009 I discover they placed a Negative on my Trans Union Credit Report claiming I owe them $99.

This is 2 years after closing the account, I NEVER received a letter or statement after September 2007. They had my new address and I spoke with my branch in September of 2007 and they said all was fine.

Now I spent 3 days trying to get this resolved and I get the run around from my old branch, their regional office, and their recovery division.

If I still had a checking or savings with them I would close it now, but I don't so I recomend that everyone stay away from B of A!!!

FYI: I've also had many problems with their Credit Card that I'm still paying off. - Stay away from that also!!!

Mon Nov 02, 03:39:00 PM PST  
Blogger cv said...

I had this same experience with Bank Of America long ago and advice many never to have an account with Bank Of America. I can only say much better to avoid them for ever..Had to pay almost $500..Hope you also share your story with face book and twitter..

Bank Customer Service CV

Thu Dec 09, 09:51:00 PM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have had it with Bank of America. I applied for a home modification loan in May 2009 and it hs taken this long to settle with me. Still not settled. On Nov. 6 2010 I received a call from Mia Brown (Negociator). States I was approved, interest rate would be lowered to 4% from 8.5%, monthly payments would go down. It was all a lye and I never got any paperwork. Come to find out I have been transferred to a different person. Jonathan Mora put in for the Making Home Affortale program. I was denied and now say they are denying my request for non-compliance. I faxed financials every 3 weeks and given them all they wanted. I am now having to see legalhelp or else just abandon my home like may people are doing. The phone numbers they give me to call are no good, can never get ahold of Brianna Pennington of CEO/Presidents office at 18187132843. Put in a complaint with Comptroller of Currency of banks twice already. Before BofA it was Countrywide and they recently sent a check for 88.00 due to class action settlement of fraud, corruption and selling peoples information that was won in court. We need a class action suit on BofA maybe then they will work with folks.

Thu Aug 11, 09:58:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You would think with all the bad publicity lately on Bank of America and fraud committed within the company, like illegally signing documents, overdraft charges, corruption that they would want to help people struggling in this economic times and restore their reputation. Not happening. They just keep getting peoples money, taking homes away from hard working families and putting an hardship on people. Call Brianna Pennington at 1/818/713/2843. Let our voices be hears... You can also go to and put in a formal complaint with the Comptrollr of Currency's office. It we unite they will feel the pinch.

Thu Aug 11, 10:07:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bank of America replies:
We have become a nation of whiners. If any of you folks are unsatisfied with our service, please feel free to close your accounts. And to those of you whining dimwits who are bitching about our customer service, let us inform you that JD Power and Associates has rated BofA as #1 in customer service for the last three years ina row.

Tue Oct 18, 05:43:00 PM PDT  
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