Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Crooks Suck At Fighting Crime

Thanks to Chris for sharing what happens when the ever-efficient authorities at BOA have to deal with something as serious as fraud (someone else's, not theirs)...

My story with Bank of America starts with me being out of the country on business for three and a half weeks, returning to find someone using my checking account. I called and filed the claims, they told me the money would be put back in my account in two business days. Well here I am seven days later with still not a dime in my account.

I called and talked to, I think, every department they have, along with every "supervisor". They kept telling me there is nothing they can do for another ten days, and I had to keep explaining to them that the money in my checking and savings is the only money I have. I was speaking very professionally to them until I had finally had enough of them lying to me, and I went off. The "supervisor" started yelling back at me, and then transferred me to some other "department" without a working phone number.

I absolutely hate calling them because, like you said, everyone there tells you something different, just to get you off the phone. ... Now they put some huge hold on my account so it's not like I can even go put money in and use my check card (I hate carrying cash). They don't seem to care what people think. I have spent 6 hours in one week on the phone with them, on my cell phone, and still I have gotten no where. Do you have any suggestions? I am right behind you on hating Bank of America, and I will do everything in my power to make sure my family and friends don't do business with them either.

My only suggestion is what is what I always say: get out ASAP. If this continues on, contact your local consumer advocate or better business bureau. In the meantime, really, open a new account at another bank and start getting ready to cut ties. Just make sure to document everything in the process.

Good luck Chris, sorry you've been caught up with the underbelly of society - on two levels, no doubt.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's more than just overdrafting. they are thieves when it comes to mortgage. I had no idea what i was getting myself into.

I have never had a problem paying my bills. But Bank of America will bend over backwards to do whatever they can to screw you. At first I thought they were all just completely stupid and incompetent, but now I realize they have something more sinister at heart.

“Bank of America" is nothing more than largescale thieves and crooks in disguise.

I can write pages on how they have tried every tactic to screw me for more than 14 months now. They are stressing me out every day of my life and taking time from my work and family to deal with them repeatedly.
I have had impeccable credit for 20+ years with all sorts of businesses. All it takes is the fatal mistake of dealing with Bank of America. I have never had a problem paying my bills, and I still have no problem paying my bills, but BOA will try to steal every bit of money from you that they can, mess up your perfect credit, and try hard to foreclose on you and steal your property when you have never had a problem paying your mortgage.
I was faithfully paying my mortgage and pay extra towards my principal thus reducing my balance and interest quickly. When I first took the mortgage with BOA, they said if I pay early it was OK. Well I notice they started misapplying my principal and it wasn't going toward my bill. After a couple of months of them misapplying my funds, I complained and they "apologized." Then they suddenly “lost” my address and stopped sending my bills. I tried for months for them to get my address right; I jumped through hoops calling them, mailing documents, etc., and doing what they told me to do. They "lost" my documents. I still was not getting my bills anymore or statement summaries, so I went online to pay. They blocked me from paying online. I called them so I can pay my bills over the phone. They tried to charge me outrageous fees for paying over the phone unless I open a checking account with them too. When I asked to speak to supervisor, they put me on hold forever and I never get to speak to any supervisor. Everyone I speak to there is completely incompetent. I even tried to locate a local BOA branch to pay, but their website states there is no branch within 100 miles of my zipcode, and I live in New Orleans!!
I told them there is no way in hell I’d ever open any other account with them after the way they mistreat me. They refuse to let me pay my mortgage and now suddenly have my correct address for the purpose of sending me foreclosure notices! They block me from my faithful payments and are now trying to steal my property! This is possible in the United States for a business to fraudulently screw faithful customers out of their property! They will stop at nothing to screw you and steal everything you have! Once I am done with them I will never do business with them again. I want to warn everybody to please save yourself and avoid Bank of America at all costs!

Thu Aug 26, 02:13:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Unknown said...

I experienced the same issue with Bank of America. They try to squeeze every little penny a customer has. They will wait to make funds available just so they can get you for as many overdraft fees they can steal from you hard worked paycheck. They will lie and steal no matter how much they hurt you and your family. Crooked no good demons is the way I view them.

Wed Apr 02, 11:56:00 PM PDT  
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