Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Playing Stone Deaf Works For BOA

Victoria wrote me over a YEAR ago about this... sorry it's taken so long to share this story which has a component I hadn't seen before as well as the all-too-familiar practice of clearing withdrawals high-to-low and not in date order with deposits (once again, they assume the poor can't defend themselves):

Bank of America is illegally charging fees. I not so recently filed a claim for charges that should not have been on my account; after some time a credit was made to my account and once a form was mailed to me I promptly filled in and mailed it back in the envelope they provided. A customer rep had called me regarding the claim and also verified some information, at no time had she said the proper paperwork had not been received.

I received a second claim form quite some time after on the 28th which I filled in and faxed to the number provided. The next day I called the rep and inquired what I should do to insure they won't claim it hadn't been received and reverse my credit. July 3rd, a Monday before the holiday, the credit was reversed despite the 3 times I sent them the information and had spoken to several reps on the phone. The form they sent me claimed I was not in contact with them, even though I spoke with their reps whom called me, I also called them several times. I went into the branch and told them to fax the form as proof that there is NO way the can say it wasn't received. Of course in the branch they say they have no ability to reverse the charges or fees.

NOW is the messy part. Before the July 4th holiday I had an available balance of some several hundred dollars. I had made several transactions with my bank card before the 1st of July, including an ATM withdraw done at their branch. Despite the fact that these transactions were processed and already deducted from my account which was BEFORE July 1st and BEFORE the illegitimate reversal, they charged my account bank fees of 35.00 for each item all of these which had already been deducted from my account before the 3rd before the reversal. The reversal wasn't deducted from my account until the 3rd but they posted it as the 2nd" though I am well aware from watching my activity this charge was NOT there on the 2nd and even their form states the 3rd.

They purposely manipulate transactions and falsely reverse claims in order to gain more money in fees. Charging 35.00! On a 2.35 charge that had been done before the 1st. Pure evil and manipulative banking practices.

They are well aware that these transactions occurred BEFORE they attempted to debt my account (which shouldn't have happened either) but say transitions are done in order of amount NOT by date!!!

These "practices" are deliberate and manipulative ways of attempting to create fees. By reversed and altering the order of transactions and forcing amounts through before legitimate transactions they can charge unlimited fees.

Whew! Did you get all that? In response, yes, they are. They are deliberately manipulative. I hope everyone takes this away from this story. And then takes their money the hell away from BOA. Thanks, Victoria!


Blogger CO said...

They are still doing this.

Thu Jun 24, 12:55:00 PM PDT  
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