Tuesday, September 11, 2007

BOA Piles Misery Upon Misery

Well, even if you're a near and dear customer at a BOA local branch for over a decade, they're not afraid to kick you when you're down. Don't believe me, ask Stacey who sent one of the worst stories we've heard yet:

Hi. I was a customer of BOA from the time I was 18 until 2 years ago when, at the age of 33, BOA screwed me. When I got married I turned my checking account into a joint account. 9 years later we separated. I closed the account because BOA wouldn't take him off of it. I had a long discussion with one of the girls in the bank about my safety and my wish for my ex to have no knowledge of me. All the employee's know me by my first name, know of a lot of my life, and seemed to understand my wish for privacy.

My ex knowingly bounced several checks on the closed account to pay his bills. Due to the fact that I now had a personal account open, BOA removed the money from the new account, with overdraft fees because I didn't have enough to cover the checks, which caused my car payment to bounce (the ex's comment was "huh, they won't repo the car for at least 2 months not my problem"). The result being that his bills got paid, I "owe" BOA several hundred dollars, and I lost my car. They didn't care. They pulled the checks up, proved they were written by him, for bills to his address not mine, and still said too bad, pay it off.

Well I have relocated across the country and I cannot open a bank account at ANY bank, because after 15 years of no problems ever, thanks to this issue I am listed as an "account abuser". So now as a single mom to two teenagers, my life is a cash only life.

Thanks for screwing me BOA!

PS- The ex has an account with BOA in good standing now - the final slap in the face to me.

A) Your ex sounds like a major douche. B) BOA is the douchiest. I can't believe that jive. What right do they have to reach across accounts like that? None really. But, they play by their own rules, I guess. Hope by now, Stacey, you've gotten a new account open somewhere. Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous I hate Bank of America said...

I can't believe this story, it's just another one that is so horrifying. Bank of America HAS TO BE THE most disgraceful Bank possible. What do we do? Perhaps if all the people putting up posts on the internet bank together and find an attorney who will take the case we can bring them down. This has GOT to stop. The number of irate people that are expressing their pain online and the fact that BOA is continually screwing the middle income and lower income people who are struggling and working hard to keep a float is truly disgusting! I for one am sick over it. I have a masters degree in SOCIAL WORK for pete's sake. I HELP people and BOA screws me!

Fri Dec 21, 05:13:00 PM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

file a complaint with the OCC. look it up online. there should be a way you can get your money back as well as your good standing. those bitches at the bank obviously were playing favorites. am glad there is no bank of america in my city.

Mon Jan 02, 02:15:00 PM PST  
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