Monday, February 12, 2007

Great New Blog!

Just wanted to give y'all the heads up on a great new blog called "Bank Of America Is Defrauding You". The founder's only done a few posts, but they're extensively detailed on how BOA goes about ripping off the poorest among its members. I'm adding a permanent link to it, as well. Thanks for sharing, Eling! We're all adding to the network of people who don't like being ripped off.

Back In Business (And BOA Never Quit)

It's been forever since I updated... gonna try and make it more regular again, since SO MANY people have found this place lately, it seems. I'm gonna go through my backlog of e-mailed stories and also hit up that big news story about these scoundrels. There's also a great new site I'll post a link to in a few days...

First thing's first, though... Just to get us back in the mood, here's a couple of first-hand accounts from last year's customer-service push by that bank we all know and love:

I can't stand the way some people try to take advantage of folks who try to do no harm these days...

Yesterday the $&^% bank charged me the famous 34 dollar charge 5 times. They say its the limit. Who the hell has a limit to a robbery. Why not just take all my money and say that they have a fee for that too. I drooled when I saw the Wa-Mu commercial today (GO Washington Mutual - YAY!). I'm signing up." --Mel

Right now I have money in my account. Before my payroll check was direct deposited I had insufficent funds. Now I have a positive balance, but BOA will not allow me to write checks or make a withdrawal. I cannot pay my bills, buy food or get cash. I will try again tomorrow. I have no idea what to do." --Marsha

So, they're doing business as always. Sorry to hear it, y'all. Hope both of you ladies got your money back and got out of there months ago. Best of luck in a BOA-free life!

I'll be back with more soon!