Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Ripping Off Charities

Thanks to Dale for posting the link to his BOA horror story.

Even BOA Employees Get The Shaft

John's got an inside perspective on how BOA treats those who work for them...

I have been a loyal and productive loan consultant for almost 9 years with Fleet and Bank of America. Recently my wife underwent cancer surgery and my production suffered as a result of responsibilities at home, as I discussed with the current management.

I attempted to get a family leave and discussed this with the Human Resource Department. According to them, I was told the family leave was based upon 60% of the minuscule monthly draw we get. The 60% of the $1,000 less taxes would not be enough to cover my expenses.

It is unfortunate the Bank of America management finds it necessary to terminate me because of my wife's condition.

I hope no one at the bank has to go through this kind of despicable action.

Me too, John. I hope things get better for your family. Let this be a lesson to everyone out there - if they treat their own this way, how do you think they're gonna treat you?