Sunday, December 18, 2005

BOA Tricks: "The Run-Around"

Thanks to Christine for sharing her story of getting the old run-around from our favorite bank. I know it's a longer read, but it gets so absurd as it goes on, it starts getting funny (not to mock the situation - you'll get to laugh about it someday, Christine!).

How many people does it take to give you no definitive answer at BOA? I've underlined every name so you can keep score...

On Nov 18 I called BofA to ask about my credit card billing amount. I spoke with customer service Anthony, he said I needed to speak with someone else, he transferred me to Jennesa. She looked at my account, she said, "You were on a payment plan your interest rate went from 8% to 23%, but now it's down to 7%, I will need to transfer you to Shajada in collections." Shajada said the same thing, she said she couldn't understand why the account went from 8% to 23% and back down, she was transferring me to collection. The collection person told me she couldn't speak with me at all regarding my account, because it was in my ex-husband's name.

I stated I am responsible for the account, I make all payments, he (ex-husband) has called to say BofA can discuss the account with me. She then transferred me to her supervisor who said that the phone call message only lasts 24 hours so he would have to write a letter to them. My ex husband quickly tried to fax it over, but he was unable due to having been given the wrong number.

Monday Nov 21, I called first thing in the morning. I spoke with a Marie N, after discussing my situation she transferred me to David in Collections, who said I was to send it to his fax. He gave me a different fax number, which I repeated to make sure there were no mistakes. I gave it my ex husband; guess what: wrong number!

Tuesday Nov. 22 I spoke with Tanya and let her know my situation. She said that my account showed that my interest rate went up then back down to 7%, but she would have to transfer me for more info. She transferred me to Karl. Karl said anyone could have talked to me about the account. He said because I had been on a payment plan paying on time monthly, but it ended so my interest rate went up and so did my payment. I mention that everyone had said it had gone back down to 7% but he said that was a mistake. I asked to speak to someone higher because I was not pleased with all the run around I received. He said he was transferring me to please hold. I held 8 minutes then I finally hung up.

I called back I asked to speak with a supervisor, I spoke with Eve M., she transferred me to Jazel who I had to discuss my situation again to transfer me to collections supervisor Jason L. I spoke with Jason who about the run-around and about the account. I tried to explain my situation and why couldn't my payment plan continue or continue the same payment since they were on time every month. BofA doubling my payment was something very difficult for me to pay. I asked why was someone able to work out a payment plan before, he said it was a mistake that person could have lost their job for doing this for me due to the account wasn't in my name. My ex would have to call and make other arrangement. I was very frustrated by this time I asked to speak to someone higher. He said they will just tell you the same thing, I told him I wanted to voice my complaint, and since everyone says something different I wanted to hear it from someone higher.

He put me on hold, I held, and someone came on the phone who said he was "Mr. Smith" and that he needed my account number. I asked for his name, but he said due to security, it was "Mr. Smith". He asked for my account number again, I asked how is it that everyone gave me their name but he can't. He said he would give me his work hours, and his phone number. He said can he have my account number, I said I wanted his work hours and his phone number. He said that unless I gave him my account number, he couldn't help me. I said I wanted more info on him, and he said because I wouldn't give him my number he Hung Up on me!

I spoke with my ex-husband he is trying to transfer the account to a new bank. I am very disappointed in the unprofessionalism of BofA."

Unless I miscounted, that's twelve. Twelve different employees and no answer! I like the "Here, go ahead and fax it into limbo" approach, but I think the best part was "Mr. Smith". Did he tell you about The Matrix? That's about the worst customer service I've heard of. If that doesn't say, "Willing to lie, cheat, scam, and steal", I don't know what does. Good luck, Christine! Thanks for sharing!


Blogger Dale said...

See my horror story about Bank of America at:

Mon Dec 19, 10:33:00 PM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did anyone consider that the husband might have dialed the wrong fax number? Joint accounts are to be avoided for some of the reasons this experience illustrates. Not just BofA. Could happen at any bank.

Sat Dec 31, 12:51:00 PM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've had constant problems with BofA.

I call and complain and they return part of what they purloin.

I filed a complaint with the better business bureau and The Office of the Comptroller of Currency. below are their web sites where you file a complaint electronically. I also found this organization and filed a complaint with my congressman.

everyone here should do the same.

Mon Sep 14, 01:21:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a checking and savings account at B of A, in Mira Mesa, California, for 10 years untill I moved to Montana where there are no local branchs. I closed my account in August 2007, reconciled the amount they said I owed them in my final statement in Sept. 2007. This amount was $4.34 which I sent them immediatly.

Now in October of 2009 I discover they placed a Negative on my Trans Union Credit Report claiming I owe them $99.

This is 2 years after closing the account, I NEVER received a letter or statement after September 2007. They had my new address and I spoke with my branch in September of 2007 and they said all was fine.

Now I spent 3 days trying to get this resolved and I get the run around from my old branch, their regional office, and their recovery division.

If I still had a checking or savings with them I would close it now, but I don't so I recomend that everyone stay away from B of A!!!

FYI: I've also had many problems with their Credit Card that I'm still paying off. - Stay away from that also!!!

Mon Nov 02, 04:54:00 PM PST  
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