Sunday, November 06, 2005

Transfers Just Happen

Thanks to Diana for explaining how BOA can just move your money around without notice...

"I just had a very unpleasant conversation with Bank of America. I had received 3 Advice of Debit papers from Bank of America. I called to find out what these were about. I have 2 accounts there. One account I am dealing with because I had some withdrawals from an on-line website that I have been trying to deal with. So until it is solved I opened up another account for my Direct Deposits to go into.

Well these Advice of Debit cards were to tell me that they transferred $308.78 to go toward my old account to make it so I owed no more money on that account. I still had an account with them and told the lady when I opened up a new account that the other account would be solved as soon as I could get in contact with the company that took out the money out of my old account.

So I asked the lady on the phone why they did not contact me either by phone or mail to let me know that they were going to withdraw $308.78 out of my account. She said that they do not have to. I think it would be common courtesy to one of your customers if you were going to transfer funds out of there account to let them know. Don't you?

So I have written 4 checks out for bills thinking I had money in my account. Now all are going to bounce and on top of it have $34.00 fees for each one. All the lady could tell me was sorry. I would not have cared if the money got withdrawn but all you had to do was notify me ahead of time.

I have also been waiting for my ATM card. I lost my wallet so ordered a new one at the bank in Lowell, MA about two weeks. The lady also told me on the phone that it was never ordered. The teller told me it was. It wasn't even cancelled.

So I will never do my banking again at Bank of America. All they had to do was send a letter or make a phone call. It's common courtesy."

For human beings, Diana, it is. But this is BOA we're talking about. They suck the blood of children. At least, I'm pretty sure they do.


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